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September 21 2013


LaserCap: What it is and how it works

Balding and thinning hair is a severe issue that concerns many men and women. The most advanced professionals created a new device that fights against balding or thinning hair and restores hair's health. LaserCap is a revolutionary treatment created to stop hair loss and to re-grow hair in an easy and convenient way.

Due to different causes, many people face balding or thinning hair. Hair loss is not just an aesthetical problem, but it turns into a psychological one too. People can lose their confidence and feel ashamed or frustrated because their hair is in a very poor condition. This is particularly frustrating for women, but men are affected by this as well.

Research indicated that most hair problems happen because to the fact that the hair follicle is not vascularized. Poor blood circulation in the scalp can lead to balding or thinning hair.

Now LaserCap can be used by men and women who are worried about hair loss and thinning hair.  It's the newest technology available on the market. The number of treatments per week may vary according to the severity of each case. Usually, specialists recommend three treatments per week. Each treatment should last around 30 minutes.

The LaserCap's action is based on the 21st century technology called Low Level Laser Therapy (LLHT). It is made out of 224 lasers, which are meant to increase the blood flow in your scalp. They are inserted in a small cap that fits on your head.

You can insert the LaserCap into any hat and wear it even when you go out. The device is very convenient and discreet. It is hands free, you don't have to hold it as it has a small pocket controller. No one will know that you are actually getting hair treatment under your favorite hat or cap.

Physicians recommend it also for conditions such as menopausal hair thinning or alopecia as it repairs the damaged blood vessels in the scalp and promotes an adequate blood circulation to the hair follicles. They also say that LaserCap is compatible with other hair therapies.

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